Grupo Especializado de R.M.N. III Bienal del GERMN
Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular Universidad Miguel Hernández
Sant Joan (Alicante, Spain), October 15-18, 2006

  • Lectures and Oral Communications
    The oral communication will be in Power Point format. To guarantee the correct projection of the Power Point files it is important that these files are in Microsoft Office XP/Office2003 format. We have not available Apple Macintosh computer, neither computers with a Linux operative system.
  • Posters
    You can find the list of the authors in the last section of the book of abstracts. There you can find the number of your poster. Each number will be located in the panel that there will be in the corresponding room at the Complejo Residencial Pérez Mateos. You can place your poster at the panel the day 15th (after registration) and leave it there until the day 18th. The Organization will provide you the adequate material for this purpose.

    The measurements of the posters will be (as maximum):
    1,0 m (wide, horizontal) x 1,2 m (long, vertical)